Celebration the prom, Birthday party, Wedding ceremony, Belgrade Niš Novi Sad

Our services cover each phase of the wedding or christening ceremony, and organizing all kinds of celebrations (the corporate, prom, birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party). We are here, to take care of everything and not to be noticed by anyone, at the same time. Yours is only to enjoy.

  • Creating the ceremony protocol, and planning all the details of the celebration

  • Assistance in choosing and booking a space for the celebration: a restaurant, a night club or a special event space with the catering service

  • Scheduling in the church and at the marriage registrar

  • Booking music, viz help in choosing the band or orchestra

  • Design and printing of all kinds of invitations

  • Chauffeur limousine service

  • Services of photographers, cameramen, hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists and stylist (help in choosing the wedding dresses, prom dresses, men's suits, ..)

  • Decoration of the restaurant (the club), flower arrangements (Biedermeier, ikebana, decoration of cars), special effects (pyrotechnics)

  • Luxury apartments in the down town

Corporate cocktail, Ceremony protocol, Party event management, Belgrade Niš Novi Sad
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