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Our services cover every phase of organization of design and cultural-artistic programs: festivals, fashion shows, designer workshops, literary evenings, art exhibitions, galleries, music concerts, theatre shows or film screenings:

  • contacting the desired participants and contracting their participation

  • luxury transportation and private VIP apartment or hotel accommodation of participants from abroad

  • plan and implementation of PR and marketing activities (electronic and print media)

  • design, printing and distribution of all types of documents and promotional material (flyers, pamphlets, posters and billboards)

  • design and implementation of spatial infrastructure, for all kinds of workshops, artistic settings, stage performances or film screenings

  • the necessary staff and equipment depending on the event: hostesses, audio-visual equipment, conferencing equipment, concert techniques with the staff, catering equipment with staff or catering preparation, physical-technical security

  • production ID cards, VIP passes for participants and bar-code tickets for visitors (with the system of electronic ticket sales and control)


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